Proper Coffee Dual Bespoke Pour Over

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Bespoke Dual Coffee Pour Over


Proper Coffee Dual Bespoke Pour Over

Flexible brewing design with our new interchangeable aluminum brewing tip option.

Adjustable brew tips – Adjust your brew with the optional aluminum brew tips with different size holes for brewing time. By adjusting the tip hole size will allow for slower or faster brewing times. The pour over comes with two 1/4 hole brew tip. Other optional tips are available in 5/16, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 inch size holes.

We’re proud to introduce the new Proper Coffee dual bespoke pour over brewer that produces an exceptional cup consistently. The tube design gives for a long complex extraction during the coffee brew process. This makes for a more robust and smooth brew, versus a normal pour over design or other brewing methods. The glass tube holds 12 oz. of fluid.

The drip contains everything to start brewing right away, except a coffee cup! Designed to fit all coffee and tea cup sizes.

We also offer one time use paper filters that can be used in combination with the stainless filters for finer filtration.


  • Wood frame
  • 2 – 7″ glass brewing tube
  • 2 – Aluminum brewing tip with a 1/4 hole size. Other brew tips available.
  • 2 stainless steel filter screens of different mesh size

Flow can be easily controlled with the assortment of brew tip options offered. Each one is machined to a precision dimension with a reamed hole for accuracy. The different hole options allow for changes in grind size and brew time. All of this is controlled with flow.


The brew tip and tube design allows for precise extraction. A typical pour over will have one hole size and possibly grooves cut into the wall for better extraction. Our design allow you to dictate that flow and extraction time. The tube allows for a even saturation of the grind and the exchangeable tips allow for adjusting the brew time and speed of extraction.

Pairing with Coffee

With the unique adjustable brew tips, you can pair your coffee know based on the adjustability of the pour over brew. This allows you to dial in different roasts to bring out each unique and special characteristics.