Preparing the Bespoke Pour Over Brewer

Select your Brewing tip.

First thing you will need to do is decide which brew tip hole diameter is best for your coffee of choice. Smaller diameter brew tips will steep slower and larger hole tips will brew much faster changing the profile and strength of your brew.


Once you have decided on your brewing tip you will need to assemble the unit. Place the aluminum brewing tip gently into one end of the glass brew tube. Once inserted you can then slide the tube into the top hole of the brewing stand base. Leave the brewing tip extended out of the glass tube about 1/2″ to make it easy to remove and also some length for placing into the base stand hole. Once placed, set the unit on the coffee cup and making sure it’s centered.

Filter Choice

Final step is to place the stainless steel filters. You will receive a fine mesh and a course mesh stainless steel screen along with paper filter discs. The course mesh screen will be used in all brews.

Start with placing the course mesh screen into the brew tube first. Then follow with the fine stainless steel mesh screen or use the paper filter disc supplied. The paper filter will give a much cleaner cup vs. the fine mesh screen.

If you have chosen the paper filter. Once placed, slightly wet the paper filter and make sure it’s seated and center before adding your grinds.

Time to Brew!

Prepare your water and bring to a boil.

Add your desired amount of coffee grinds. We recommend a coarseness similar to sea salt. Grind approximately 30 grams of coffee (3 tbsp) to a coarseness.

Slowly pour over your hot water and slowly work it into the coffee grinds. Let the grinds bloom first before finishing off the boiled water.

Finally Enjoy!