The Science of the tube coffee pour over and making the perfect cup!

0169ProperCoffeePour over coffee is an amazing method of brewing coffee versus other techniques. The process promotes a more robust and efficient brew. The goal with designing the Proper Coffee pourovers was to eliminate the paper filter utilizing our tube and stainless filter design. Paper filters have a tendency to create unsatisfying flavors and taste that can impact the final brew. The tube design also gives the pour over a more precise water to ground contact surface versus a standard ceramic and paper filter pourers.
Utilizing the the narrow tube design helps with the reaction rate and chemistry of the coffee brew by focusing the hot water to work through all of the grinds at once, using gravity to extract the flavor. You will see in the typical ceramic pourover method a center to outside and back pouring technique is done to fully wet out the grinds. With the Proper Coffee tube design a full wet out and extraction can be performed much more efficiently and precisely.
Grind and timing is everything for the final brew. These are key ingredients to making a good cup of coffee even better! The courser the grind, the faster the water will flow through the grinds. You can control this by either grinding your bean accordingly or experimenting with the stainless steel discs provided with the Proper Coffee pour over. Grind amount also dictates brew time and strength. You will need to work on the proper grind to water ratio depending on the type of bean and roast type being used.