Preparing the Tea Brewer

Once your tea brewer arrives you will need to assemble the unit. Place the aluminum brewing tip gently into one end of the glass brew tube. Once inserted you can then slide the tube into the top hole of the brewing stand. Please note that the adjustable drip valve may need to be adjusted out to slide through the hole ring groove. Once placed, adjust the valve clockwise to tighten the valve and close it off. The tubes height can be adjusted with the rubber rings on the glass tube. Just slide the two rubber rings up or down to adjust to the desired height.

Once the above is completed you can then set the brewer on top of your tea cup. With the valve closed, place the supplied stainless steel screens into the tube. Start with the thicker/courser screen mesh and then add the fine mesh stainless screen or paper filter last. If your using the paper filter we recommend adding a little hot water at this point with the valve open to help settle the paper filter and to make sure it’s flat before adding the tea. Once the filters are placed and level then place your desired amount of tea into the tube. Finally pour in your desired amount of hot water to start brewing. Once your brew has steeped, just turn the brewing valve knob counter clock wise to drain into your tea cup.